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Pro Contour Book Volume 1

Pro Contour Book Volume 1

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Shade, hide, highlight, minimise and enhance with the complete contour guide! This multipurpose versatile palette contains deeper cool, richer roses & nude hues colours ranging from light to dark.  Formulated different than our eyeshadows and infused with ultra fine silica. Our pressed powders were formulated to be buildable for the capability to mix and match to customise your perfect shades while leaving you with HD photo ready finish!

Contour Tips, tricks, & general info about the making and usage of our new contour palette. We developed this contour palette as makeup artists for makeup artists & beauty enthusiasts! It's been whats missing in our kits for years!!! YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE! Thoughtfully developed shades made for contouring but not limited too!  This revolutionary palette will change your daily makeup routine forever... in a good way! 

Our pressed powder shades colour range from light to dark in cool, rose and nude hues. Formulated for all skin tones & types! Our pressed contour shades are formulated different than our eyeshadows and with the capability to be buildable for custom colour blends suited for your clients. This multipurpose palette doubles as great eyeshadow too! 

Each colour was developed with a purpose but is not meant to be used for just one type of application. We took the essential basics colours for all ranges of skin tones so you have the capability mix & match! Find your perfect combo for everyday wear! Change up your style using a different mix for bolder chiselled features or softer classic beauty.

What the heck do I do with the grey shades? That is the number 1 question we get in our inbox lately. Here is why we came up with the cool contour and why it's vital in everybody's makeup kit! Keep an eye out & watch months from now the big name brands will have this stocked as a must have and here's why!

What is the purpose of contouring? To shade, hide, highlight, minimise and enhance your features. When have you seen a orange shadow? Shadows come from where the light is obstructed to create darkness or depth in contour. We created the cool contour just for this purpose. Colours ranging from pure white to dark grey. Shades moving from light to dark to compliment all skin tones & types. This palette has no restrictions but the easiest way to best describe this palette is use the cool contour as a base for your contour. You can bring your self back to life using the Nude & Rose contour. 

Our contour palette contains 12 shades in XL pans that contain a whopper of 48g of product total. 


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