Collection: VE Cosmetics

"VE cosmetics was born out of a love of make up and trying to find makeup that I would be happy to put on my skin.

​ I spent a long time reading into the ingredients of makeup brands and wondering what I was putting on my face. I'm also vegan so get really concerned about animal derived ingredients. I didn't want to wear crushed beetle on my eyes or beef/pork fat on my lips so i decided to launch a brand where no animals would be harmed in anyway.

I am working towards becoming a palm oil free business, Im currently in the process of discontinuing any products with palm oil in and re-formulating them however unfortunately this is quite costly and taking a lot longer than I'd like but I aim to be 100% palm oil free by early 2018. All palm oil free products ( thankfully the majority) have been marked as Palm Oil free. All proceeds from the products that are on sale containing sustainable palm oil are funding research into synthetic alternatives & any profits leftover will be donated to the orang-utan foundation.

I do not condone testing on animals and therefore being able to wear products that I can 100% say no animals were harmed in the process of making them is ridiculously important to me. I also do not believe an item cannot be 100% cruelty free if it is not vegan (how can something that contains parts of dead animals but be cruelty free?)

We are also now powered by Ecotricity ( Ecotricity is a renewable energy company supplying green energy to customers across the UK)."