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Neon Ultra Bright UV Poly Pigment

Neon Ultra Bright UV Poly Pigment

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As this is pure pigment you only need to use the tinest amount and each pot should last you a very long time. Swatch pictures are the pigments on top of our Brilliant white highlight crème, please note that some colours naturally photograph differently and the can appear brighter and more intense than photographed. 


​You will only need the very tiniest amount on a small brush to get great coverage and you should build up in small amounts to blend in with other Matts or our Mica powders! They will not blend like a pressed pigment with fillers and additive, we find pressing and padding with a synthetic brush gives the best blended results.

Pro tip - for intense colour and adherence use our Brilliant White Highlight Base (as featured in our product photographs)

Neons contain polyester and will glow in UV light, suitable for nails and body art - avoid inhaling or getting pigment into eyes. Please note our poly pigments contain synthetic dyes to achieve the amazing colours and a patch test is recommended. If irritation occurs immediately wash off and discontinue use.


​5g supplied in a 10ml recyclable pot with sifter.

Please note that these colours are super fine powders and care should be taken when opening and handling to avoid spillage.


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