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Individual Brushes

Individual Brushes

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Our brush range comes from one of world biggest and well known brush brands, we worked closely with them to ensure our range was hand crafted using renewably resourced wood finished in white with silver aluminum ferrule and blend of super soft Nylon and Taklon fibres to reduce product waste and work with our super fine and pigmented powders. 

Each brush is bonded to minimise shedding with vegan-sourced adhesive to ensure every brush is both ethical and kind.

All brushes have been uniformed with matching synthetic hair, ferrule and handle to help you create your own bespoke professional kit. ​

​​Our brushes are super soft and easy clean. Only wash bristles - as with all wooden brushes, submerging in water will cause glue to loosen and wood to swell and split. Use a good quality brush wash or gentle baby shampoo to carefully wash and allow the dry at room temperature.

Supplied in individual wrapper to reduce waste. Large brushes come with a bristle protector, to remove slide up of the head of the brush and fluff bristles, to replace slide back on up the handle and over the head.  ​​


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