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Bag of Coal

Bag of Coal

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Introducing the "Coal Bars" - Santa's cheeky solution for mischievous kids (or badly behaved adults)! 🎅🚂

Inside this bag, you'll find 3 Santa's Coal Bars, exclusively crafted for naughty boys and girls. These aren't just any lumps of coal; they're soap that'll have your little rascals laughing all the way to the shower!

This coal-shaped soap is as black as night, but it'll leave their skin feeling as smooth as freshly fallen snow. Say goodbye to the day's shenanigans!
Perfect for the little elves who can't resist making a mess. It's the perfect antidote to glitter, paint, and cookie dough mishaps – Santa approved!
So, when your recipient unwraps this trio of giggles and cleanliness, they'll discover that being "naughty" has never been this fun! It's all part of Santa's mischievously magical holiday spirit! 🎄🎅

Scented in Blueberry Jam.

Each bag is approx 45-60 grams


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