Terms & Conditions of Sale

By purchasing from our website, you hereby agree to the following:

  1. While every care is taken in the packaging of your order, how your package is handled after we pass it to the courier is out of our control.  If you have an item that has arrived damaged, please send pictures of the damage to your item(s), and evidence of how the package was received to orders@thebeautyvault.co.uk within 48 hours of receiving your order.
  2. We have a Damaged in Transit Policy, which entitles you to a 30% refund for any damages you receive. We can only offer this refund if damages are reported to us within 48 hours of receipt, and are complete with pictures of the damages and packaging they were received in. We do not offer returns or replacements for damaged bath & body products. 
  3. We cannot take responsibility for orders intended as gifts.
  4. If an item you have ordered is damaged or no longer in stock, we will refund you for this at the time of picking and packing your order.  The reason for refund will be on your invoice inside your package.  We sincerely apologise to anyone this happens to.
  5. All orders are sent via tracked shipping.  During the pandemic, items are being signed for by your postie upon receipt.  The postal workers are also using "safeplaces" a lot more.  If your tracking results show the item has been received and signed for, please check with other household members, neighbours and around your property for anywhere the postie may have tucked it out of the way.  If your order is being shown as delivered and it hasn’t been, please contact the courier. We are unable to help if your order is being shown as delivered. 
  6. We cannot refund orders that are being shown as delivered and/or signed for.
  7. Orders cannot be classed as Lost until 14 days after shipping. We cannot issue refunds before this time. 
  8. We regret that we cannot ship nail polishes internationally.