100% Cruelty Free Guaranteed! Myths and Facts about testing on animals in China!

Hello, Beauts!

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce that The Beauty Vault is, and will always be, 100% cruelty free!

We care deeply about animal welfare and the horrific treatment of animals in the process of animal testing.

We would also like to take this opportunity to help to clarify the myths and facts around animal testing.
Products MADE in China are not necessarily subjected to animal testing.
Products SOLD in China are, by law, subject to animal testing.

For example, Sephora have shops in China.  All the products sold in Sephora China, can only be sold there because they have been tested on animals.

However, someone who lives in China can place an order online from the UK or USA (for example) for cruelty free products and can receive and use them in China, as they have not been sold by a retailer there.

We have heard rumours that China will be phasing out animal testing in the near future.  We can't imagine this will happen quickly, though.  So better stay safe than sorry!

If you have any questions or are unclear on any of this, please email us, as we are more than happy to help.

The Beauty Vault. x

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  • This is good to know – I was under the impression that ALL products made and sold in China had to be tested on animals. And the fact that they are reportedly going to start phasing out animal testing gives me such hope :)


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