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Turquoise Crochet Face Pads - 3 pack

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100% cotton crochet face pads.

Turquoise colour.

Can be used to cleanse and tone face with water, toner, make up remover or soap.

Reusable and can washable in washing machine time and time again without having to buy another pack of disposable cotton pads.

3 face pads in the pack.

These pads are handmade, from 100% cotton and all end sewn in to prevent on end or knots ever coming into contact with your skin.

No more disposable cotton pads! Just use these with your usual cleanser or make up remover.

Then wash as usual in your laundry at 40 degrees Celsius. Dry flat and then reuse again.

For stubborn make up stains like mascara, eyeliner etc, rub a dab of washing liquid (Fairy?) and rub into a light lather just before putting in washing machine. This should help lift the oil content of the make up from the cotton fibres.


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