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TBV Christmas Advent Calendar

TBV Christmas Advent Calendar

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A beautifully sleek advent calendar, packed with 24 bath time treats to help you count down to Santa! 😍

Please note: due to production issues, there will be two random repeats in each calendar. 

How to get the best from your bath bomb:

Step One

  • unwrap your bath bomb and place it in the palm of your hand.

Step Two

  • lower your hand a couple of centimetres below the water level, allowing the edges of your bath bombs to start fizzing.

Step Three

  • wait a few seconds whilst little air pockets are forming in your bath bomb and making it feel a little lighter.

Step Four

  • let go of the bath bomb and slowly lower your hand away from it.

Step Five

  • enjoy the beautiful bath art! And don’t forget to take pictures 😉


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