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Rose Water Setting and Brush Mist

Rose Water Setting and Brush Mist

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Fragrant Rose Water Skin and Brush Mist for application, setting and finishing.

Perfect for spraying onto makeup brushes and sponges to all makeup creme's and powders. Simply spray over your brush before applying your makeup to intensify our matt and mica colour powders. Used to hydrate skin ready for makeup application to seal in moisture, simply spray a fine mist directed onto the skin before moisturising.

​To use as a setting spray and refresh spritz, spray the mist upwards above face or in front of you to "walk through". Spraying too much or directly onto the face can cause makeup to streak.

Pro Tip - To turn your spray in to a bespoke shimmery setting spray, simply add any of our highlighter and/or duochrome powders and lightly spritz face and arms for extra shine!

​Ingredients: Floral water, Rosa centifolia, Vitamin E.

​Supplied in a 100ml recyclable bottle with fine atomiser.


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