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Mystery Box

Mystery Box

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This is your chance to get your hands on the last of some of our best-selling products - at a bargain price!

All boxes will have a retail value of at least double the cost of the box.

Get them now, before they’re gone for good!

Please note:  if we are unable to provide products that will exceed the promised value of the box, we will compensate this by adding extra items. 
You may receive duplicates when our stocks are running low.

How to get the best from your bath bomb:

Step One

  • unwrap your bath bomb and place it in the palm of your hand.

Step Two

  • lower your hand a couple of centimetres below the water level, allowing the edges of your bath bombs to start fizzing.

Step Three

  • wait a few seconds whilst little air pockets are forming in your bath bomb and making it feel a little lighter.

Step Four

  • let go of the bath bomb and slowly lower your hand away from it.

Step Five

  • enjoy the beautiful bath art! And don’t forget to take pictures 😉


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