Blind As A Bat
Blind As A Bat

Blind As A Bat

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Approx 50g

Enchanted Woodland Scent

Releases a refreshing lush green fragrance with freshly cut leaves enriched by hints of agrimony, fir, rosewood and thistle

This collection is inspired from my love of bats and all things Halloween, with a deeper layer to use to help raise awareness for anyone suffering anything to do with eyesight, from being born blind to losing your sight from a disease and everything in between.  Its also to help raise awareness for bats and how beautiful and intelligent they really are.  Which is also relevant to how people who suffer with blindness cope and remain positive and simply living a relatively normal life.  Anyone I have ever met has just amazed me how they don’t let it stop them in life, but also how strong they are with their other senses.  They truly are remarkable in how they battle through life and living their lives to the fullest….we salute all you guys!

Soy wax
Paraben free fragrance oils
Handmade in Northern Ireland, UK

Place a segment into a tealight or electric burner and allow to melt and fill your room.

DO NOT EAT! Keep away from kids and pets. Keep on a flat heat proof surface away from draughts and curtains and anything the tealight flame could get close to.

Any signs of allergy please stop use immediately.


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