Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bath Bomb
Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bath Bomb - The Beauty Vault

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bath Bomb

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As authentic an experience as you can get (outside of actually being in Hogwarts, that is)!

Specially made for us by Vegan Beauty Cosmetics, these bombs come in two slightly different styles.  Chosen at random, with a hidden colour in the centre, pop your bomb in to your bath and watch the colour fizz out!

If it fizzes red, you're in Gryffindor!  Green?  Welcome to Slytherin.  If your bath turns blue, you're a Ravenclaw and if you find a burst of yellow - you're in Hufflepuff!

Scented in peppermint.

Presented in a gorgeous little organza gift bag, this is a collaboration we are truly proud of!


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