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Beth Amphetamine & Rachel Boese travel the country for their makeup line, subscription box & magazine. They do makeup for small films, in haunted houses and go on tour with bands. They have kind of a cool life and their goal is to promote self expression, inclusivity & the pursuit of dreams in whatever they do. It wasn't always this way, they truly started from the bottom and are still working their way up with a work ethic and ambition unfettered by society's expectations and doubts.

Less than 4% of individuals born below the poverty line ever make it out, we have. Despite years of setbacks, homelessness and trauma, we have. This is part of why we are committed to give back with this product line & all of our other endeavors to help as many people as we can. After we went viral earlier in 2018, we've had some growing pains, but the best is definitely yet to come and we can't wait to share all of that with you. Each and every one of you reading this page right now, means the absolute world to us. We love you. 

We initially started these lifestyle companies because we noticed a gap in accessibility to affordable and quality alternative makeup and clothing. It all started with our makeup line, Belladonna's Cupboard. We started formulation in 2011 when we could barely scrap $10 together at the end of the month. It took us months to get to the point where we could place our first large order for supplies. We Officially Launched with the help of Betablox business incubator in Kansas City in 2014 and presented for their Demo Day in 2015. In 2018, we moved the company to Southern California and after years of hard work, we are finally at a point of growth and expansion.

Our makeup line is 100% Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Vegan and Paraben Free and designed for special effects makeup artists and performers to be long wearing for stage and film use but gentle and easy to wash off. We've spent years working in haunted houses and on horror films and alongside musicians and burlesque performers to develop and improve our products. When formulating, we follow the rigorous cosmetics standards that the EU puts forth since they are more strict that the U.S.A. FDA guidelines. Our makeup is worn by performers all over the world, some examples include Dan Sperry Anti-Conjuror, Shelly d'Inferno & Kimberly Freeman of One-Eyed Doll. We also offer free online Special Effects and Basic to Advanced makeup lessons on our website.

We believe in #selfexpressionrevolution, the idea that everyone should be respected and allowed to express themselves regardless of their race, age, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, disability or style choices. This includes tattoo and piercing acceptance and inclusivity in the workplace. We are tired of being told how we “should” look, of having the beauty industry dissect their body parts, sizes and features.  It is time to embrace and encourage the message that all people are beautiful.

#SelfExpressionRevolution the hashtag, began on March 6th, 2014. Our makeup line, installed a living art/social awareness piece at the Express Gallery in the crossroads neighborhood of Kansas City during first Fridays. We had four models, one each to represent four different problems that modern media and societal perceptions have brought to light. Skinny shaming, fat shaming, slut shaming and discriminations against alternative fashions, as well as the effects that sufferers of those prejudices can face in the workplace. Each held up a sign explaining why such judgements were unfair and each had Effects Makeup done to them, representing their own personal experiences with the topic. We carved, (with Makeup,) Insults that each of them had heard about themselves into their skin. The models said that it was very therapeutic for them, and almost immediately the greater Social experiment made itself known. A woman came in off the street to scold the management over one of our models, (Ironically, the “slut shaming model”,) for not wearing enough clothing. A gentlemen walked in to compliment the “skinny shaming model”, walking right past the “fat shaming model” who was doing the exact same thing without noticing her. Very quickly, we found people responding with exactly the behaviours we were trying to protest, underlining the issues themselves. Even so, many more people thanked both the models and us for making them think, pause or even just giving a voice to their own negative experiences. Self expression & Bodily Autonomy shouldn’t be revolutionary concepts but in 2017, it clearly still is. Everyone, regardless of race, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, size, disability or style deserves respect. Colored hair and tattoos do not impede one’s ability to do a job. That was the initial movement and hash tag.

Now, we have created more than that under the umbrella that is Self Expression Revolution. A company whose sole purpose is to encourage self expression and bring together alternative indie brands that are socially conscious and inclusive, to further small businesses that share those values, and bring education and events surrounding those topics to as many people as possible. Our Self Expression Boxes (the only size inclusive & alternative full customizable alternative clothing sub box) & Crazy Kids boxes (its counterpart for kids) are now sold exclusively on this site:  

We also utilize our magazine, Crazy Bitch Magazine as an outlet and a  voice for underrepresented individuals and ideas. It's FREE QUARTERLY ONLINE MAGAZINE & available to print on demand. We get called crazy because of our ambition, and we get called bitches because of our passion. That's okay, we embrace the name because we believe in empowerment through self expression.

Join the Revolution!


-Rachel & Beth xoxo
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