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Glitter Gel/ Glue and Liner Base

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Cosmetic Glitter Gel most suitable for poly and bio glitter.



​A gel consistency designed to adhere cosmetic glitter to the skin. It will also work with eco glitter, but a very very thin layer is suggested, however a crème base (ie our brilliant white highlight crème) is more effective with eco.

It is not tacky so eliminates skin to skin sticking during application. 

Drop a small bead onto a brush or finger tip and apply the thinnest layer across the skin where glitter is to be applied, then press on Give Face Glitter. Avoid over applying, the gel will hold glitter for hours when applied correctly. Standard craft glitter (sometimes incorrectly sold as cosmetic) may not work effectively. 

Pro tip - You can also use Glitter Gel to create your own colour or glitter gel, simply place a small dot of gel ready for mixing and mix in our Matt, Mica and/or glitter. Once mixed well, test and apply as required and allow to dry.

Ingredients: Water, Acetic Acid and Methyl Cellulose.


​Supplied in either:


16.5ml recyclable bottle with nozzle. Please note, bottles have an internal hygiene seal - to open for first use push down very firmly while twisting to snap internal seal.


4ml doe foot applicator tube.

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